Free & donation-based healing & readings

Recently Katy and I have felt a bit more in tune and aware and have felt it is time to give free/donation-based readings and/or advice on the following topics:


Foods and their effects on the body, mind, spirit & emotions.

How to protect ourselves from entities (dark, demonic, alien, archonic etc)..

Timelines and how past events fracture the soul and affect our destiny or destination.

Energies within groups, cities and built up areas, energy in nature.

Nature and its positive effects on the body system.

Discussions on our ancient past and how we came to the place we are now.

Healing traumas and how food, addictions and other energies interfere.

Understanding & dealing with Psychic influences and attacks.


If you are interested please email us and we can set a date and time.

We will write more here soon

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