Time to ‘Rise and Shine!?’

Welcome to the site 🙂

Those of you looking for the old site, very sorry to all but I had a problem and lost old backups and could only restore the website to the old version, Perhaps wait a couple of weeks and ill see if I can find the newer backup. I did look everywhere, I was really hoping I could get a team of us together to work on that site and get all the global eco village/communities etc together.
Life must move foreward! so we have created a new site with that name but the old site is here http://directory.awakening.earth/


Thank you for dropping by.  We have, for a long time now, felt the need to get messages ‘out there’ into the world about some of the things we feel are going on on this beautiful but troubled planet. The things we will write and speak about on this site are things that we have experienced first-hand in our every day lives, NOT things that we have just read about on the internet. This isn’t designed to be a we-know-everything site…far from it.  Please always run everything and anything you come across on here (and in life in general for that matter!) through your own higher wisdom and understanding.  We are all in this experience and learning/growing together.  Also be aware of any inner contempt/ridicule that might surface in response to this content…sometimes the dissenting voices in us can show us a lot about what/who else might be inhabiting our systems along with us!

None of the content here is intended to cause fear.  Please always know that your truth and your spirit-knowing are much more powerful than any of the energies who seek to keep you out of knowing and realising that power!  Our intention with this site is to help raise awareness and to help people empower themselves and their own truth.  It is done with love and the best intentions by people who are still in this energetic soup and trying to extricate themselves!  As such please forgive us for any lack of perfection! 🙂

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